Wholesale Glitter Nail Polish


wholesale glitter nail polish

Wholesale Glitter Nail Polish

Glitter nail polish is a popular and fun look that can transform the entire look of the manicure. This trend began in fall 2020 and has been picking up momentum since, especially as we enter spring of 2021.

Nail polish options are endless, with a wide range of brands and styles available for every type of nail. wholesale glitter nail polish From tried-and-true classic brands, to new finds at the drugstore and even celebrity manicurist-designed lines.


Add a pop of color to nails and give them extra shine with these glitter polishes. These nail art glitters are available in many colors and come in a package of 24 bottles with a display box. This is a great buy for nail salons and beauty stores. These are 10-free and made in the USA. Glitter nail polish is a trendy look that can be worn on the full nail or as an accent on top of another color. This is a fun way to brighten up any outfit and look glamorous. These nail polishes are solvent resistant and can also be used with gel and acrylics. They work great with a clear top coat to help minimize chipping and peeling. Nail art is an amazing way to show off your personality and creativity.


Glitter nails are everywhere, from Instagram to the red carpet. Whether full glitter or fun accents, these looks add a bit of flair to any outfit. For the nail artist, finding the right type of glitter is crucial for a long lasting look that won’t chip easily. That’s why we carry a wide variety of sizes at wholesale prices to fit your needs.

Our polyester glitter is solvent resistant and perfect for nail polish, artists use, crafting and so much more. It comes in a 0.44OZ bottle and is available in several colors. Our fluorescent glitter glows under a black light and has a matte finish.


Before applying any nail polish, it’s important to prep your nails. Wash them and apply a good base coat to protect your nails from staining, help the polish adhere to the nails, and add some natural luster. Use a cuticle oil to hydrate your nails and the surrounding skin. It will keep your nails healthy and glowing, complementing the mesmerizing allure of a glitter manicure.

When using loose glitter you’ll want to consider the size and shape of the individual pieces. For smaller, fine glitter, you can mix it with Nail Mate’s base coat and crackle gel nail polish apply like a gel polish to create a sugared look or a mosaic effect on the nails. You can also use a dotting tool and Nail Mate’s Super Gloss top coat to create a polka-dot effect.

For larger glitter, you can either brush it on the nail or use a toothpick to get precise placement. Apply several thin layers to achieve your desired glitter effect. Be sure to allow each layer to dry completely before applying another. Layering will also enhance the depth and brilliance of the polish for a truly mesmerizing look. You can even create a custom color by mixing different sizes of glitters together. Just be sure that you’re working with a solvent resistant polish so that the glitter won’t lift and come off on your skin or clothes.

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