Glow Painting Gel Wholesale


Glow painting gel wholesale

Glow Painting Gel Wholesale

Glow paints are perfect for creating bold and dramatic looks. This top-rated set is safe, washable, and non-toxic. Its colours glow brightly under UV light and are rechargeable. This water-based acrylic gel can be mixed with other coloured paints to create a glowy effect or used on its own. It has a low price and is recommended by many public reviews.

UV Neon Face & Body Paint Glow Kit

Take your face painting to the next level with these neon face paints that shine bright in daylight and glow spectacularly under black light (UV) or UV lighting. Perfect for partying, dancing and performances. They are easy to use – you don’t need to be an expert face painter to create eye-popping neon looks. They are long lasting, smudge resistant and moisturising and are free from artificial fragrances. Available in a set of 8 colours including pink, orange, red, yellow, green, purple and blue. Ideal for night clubs, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, festivals and children’s parties. These UV paints do not require any additional setting spray to work and will be instantly reactive under black light/ UV. Easy to apply using fingers, sponge or brush.

Rust-Oleum Glow in the Dark Aqua Matt Multi-Surface Spray Paint

This glow in the dark spray paint can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal and drywall. It provides a green glowing effect for up to 2 to 4 hours when charged by light, and it is ideal for kids’ rooms, school or craft projects and sporting goods. It also works well for outdoor projects, but it may require reapplication in the sun or on damp surfaces. Apply over a white or light colored surface for best adhesion, and use a Rust-Oleum white spray primer for better adhesion if needed or on bare wood or metal.

This high-quality, non-toxic glow in the dark spray paint offers an excellent choice for serious artists and hobbyists. It is easy to apply, quick drying, and has a brighter, longer-lasting glow than most other glow in the dark spray paints on the Glow painting gel wholesale market. While it is safe for use around children, it still contains harsh chemicals that need to be handled with care and in a well-ventilated area.

This water-based acrylic paint set is available in eight different colours that can be mixed together to create a wide range of eye-catching looks. It is low-VOC and is safe for indoor use, although it does emit an odor that can be strong if applied in large quantities. It can be used on a wide variety of substrates, and public reviews indicate that it is an affordable and versatile option for art, graffiti/wall murals, crafts, stenciling, and home decor projects.

Pebeo Studios Phosphorescent Gel

Add incredible glow-in-the-dark effects to acrylic paintings with eco-friendly Pebeo Studio Green Phosphorescent Gel Medium. This translucent luminous gel can be mixed with acrylic colors to increase their body or, for optimal results, applied alone in thick layers with a painting knife. Its high adhesion makes it a great choice for preparing surfaces and adding inclusions.

This product is part of the Studio Acrylics auxiliaries line, designed to expand creative applications while working with high-viscosity Studio Acrylic paints. Its phosphorescent pigments absorb natural and artificial light and re-emit it in the darkness. The 5 colors to choose from are lightly tinted so that the hues may be distinguished in daylight (except for the colorless green phosphorescent gel). This gel works best on a light surface and can be applied directly to most painting surfaces.

Create an incredible iridescent effect on canvas, glass or metal with this water-based, nontoxic acrylic paint! It dries to a transparent, flexible film with superior adhesion. It is highly mixable with other acrylics and mixes well with many different mediums, including iridescent mediums, to create custom blends. This paint is also formulated without any heavy metals for safer use! It is a must-have for anyone who loves to experiment with texture and dimension in their work. With its thick consistency, it is easy to manipulate with a brush or paint knife and retains brush marks for added character.

LIT Glow in the Dark Acrylic Powder

We carry a variety of glow in the dark acrylic powders. These powders are made from photoluminescent pigments that absorb light during the day and emit it at night. They come in a range of colors and micron sizes. Some have a longer glow time and brighter color than others. Each powder has a specific set of specifications listed on its product page.

Waterproof Glow Powder is coated with a silica layer to protect it from water. It’s the best choice wholesale nail extension gel for resin and epoxy mediums, solvent based mediums, or anything that you are concerned may have water reach the luminescent particles over time. It has a slightly longer glow time than the non-waterproof powders. It is available in 35 and 85 micron sizes. Shop waterproof glow in the dark acrylic powder.

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