Aurora Powder Metallic Nail Polish


Aurora Powder Metallic Nail Polish

Aurora Powder Metallic Nail Polish

Easily create a variety of stunning nail art looks with this Aurora chrome powder. It can be used on its own, or paired with stamping or other techniques.

Apply a base coat, then brush on your chosen color of aurora powder. Seal with a no-wipe LDS top coat like Mitty Gloss Top Coat and cure under an LED or UV nail lamp.


These aurora nail powders have a magical rainbow effect, with different colour combinations depending on the angle you look at them. These can range from gorgeous Pinky Candy Floss colours to a beautiful mixed colour rainbow.

These can be rubbed onto nail enhancements or gel polish surfaces and can be used in combination with stamping and freehand design. Show off your creativity!

Mitty chrome powders have less filler than other aurora pigments which gives Aurora Powder Metallic Nail Polish you a shinier result. Our pigments are also tested to make sure they are safe for cosmetic use.

To apply this product, prep your nails with any gel base coat or clear gel and cure them under a UV / LED nail lamp. Then apply the coloured powder with your nail art brush or finger tips. You can mix and match the colors as much or as little as you like! To finish the look, seal with a no wipe top gel and cure again under the lamp. Then enjoy your shiny new bling! Suitable for all levels of nail art skills.


This aurora nail powder provides a very reflective, shimmery and magical mirror effect on nails. It can be worn on its own or combined with other techniques, such as freehand nail art, stamping, ombre and gradient designs. You can also use it as an accent nail on top of solid color base or as a glitter topper. These nail pigments have a fine texture and smooth application, they are not chunky and do not fall off easily.

They can be used over any dark base colour to produce a variety of practical effects. Wear them over black for a stunning mermaid nail look or on a white base for a rainbow AB effect, the possibilities are endless!

Aurora powder is made of high quality materials to ensure a very long lasting effect on your nails. It is safe to apply and does not harm your nails or skin. It is a non-toxic and more durable material than regular glitters.

This product is very easy to use, simply prepare your nails with a gel base (any colour will do) and then dust on the chrome nail powder using a brush or finger. Finish with a no wipe gel top coat and cure under a UV or LED nail lamp. This product is ideal for beginners or experienced nail artists, no special nail art skills needed.


Compared to other cheaper aurora powders our product has more fine-grinded opal pearl, which is clearer and richer in color. Also the coating is thicker and more even, resulting in a better shimmer effect for nails. The result is a stunning mirror sheen that can be seen from any angle.

Our products are made with high quality materials and have passed strict testing. They are safe for use and are not toxic, which ensures the safety of our customers. They glitter gel nail polish are also more durable and long-lasting than other nail glitters.

The formula is easy to work with and dries quickly for a smooth finish. It can be used as a full-nail cover or as an accent over any color base. It is also ideal for ombre designs or freehand nail art. The possibilities are endless!

Apply a dark base color of your choice (black works best) and then apply a thin coat of Aurora Powder over it. Buff gently with a dry brush to smooth the powder and eliminate any bumps. Then, finish with a gel top coat and cure it under an LED or UV lamp. You are now ready to show off your magical unicorn nails! Make sure to tag us when you post your creations on social media.


This set contains 6 boxes of pearl chrome nail powders. Each box has 1 gram of product.

This high-shine glitter can be used with any gel polish to create stunning mermaid style effects. It can also be used in combination with other nail art techniques such as freehand painting, stamping, and ombre designs. It is perfect for both nail connoisseurs and novices to use at home.

Aurora chrome powders are highly pigmented and super easy to use. They can be used over any base color, and each base will produce a unique look. The darker the base color, the more intense the effect will be. They are safe to use for nail art, and they can be used over Original Sensationail and Express gels.

After applying Gelous Base Coat and if desired, Just White or Black Out, sprinkle the Aurora Chrome powder over the tacky layer of gel polish and rub gently in a circular motion. Repeat as needed to achieve the desired effect, then finish with Gelous Top Coat and cure under a LED/UV gel nail lamp. This set is perfect for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, Christmas presents for women, and beauty gifts for women. It is also a great gift for daughters, sisters, friends, or anyone who loves shiny things!

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