Builder Gel – A Healthy Alternative to Acrylics and Press-On Nails


Builder Gel

Builder Gel – A Healthy Alternative to Acrylics and Press-On Nails

If you love gel nail polish and want to strengthen your natural nails, builder gel is the perfect product. Often used as an overlay, it offers a strong coating to prevent nail breakage and allow your nails to grow longer.

Builder Gel is also useful for creating a glittery look and can be removed easily with acetone, unlike acrylics. Mylee has all the information you need to know about this trendy nail enhancement product!

Strengthening Overlay

Builder Gel is an excellent alternative to acrylics and press-on nails for people with soft, brittle natural nails. It strengthens the natural nail and protects it from damage caused by everyday wear and tear.

A good quality builder gel is designed to do less harm to the natural nail by using a gentle primer and a low pH bonder. Some of the more responsible bottled builder gels have also reduced the amount of monomer that they contain, which reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions in some clients.

Both hard and soft builder Builder Gel gels are able to be sculpted and shaped on the nails for artificial lengthening, though it is important that they are used by a professional nail technician with the right training. They should also be cured under a LED or UV lamp for the best results.

Softer gels like Glossify builder gel are better for creating more natural-looking nails as they are softer and easier to shape, though they won’t last as long as a hard gel manicure. Both are best for people who need to reinforce weak or brittle nails.

All types of gel nails can cause damage if applied and removed incorrectly. Acrylic nails have the greatest potential for damage due to their filing and rigidity, but even gel polish can be damaging if it’s not applied and removed correctly.

Repairing Cracked Nails

With the popularity of nail art and acrylics rising, builder gel has become increasingly popular as a healthy alternative. It’s much less damaging than acrylic and can be used to add strength and length to natural nails. As long as the nails are properly cared for (filing, buffing and applying cuticle oil) they can remain chip-free and looking beautiful for up to three weeks.

When worn correctly, builder gel nails can even repair small cracks on the natural nail plate and help to make the nails stronger and more resistant to breakages. To do this, the builder gel is applied over the crack and cured under a UV light – just like a regular nail polish – and the resulting overlay will strengthen and glue the nail back together.

As the name suggests, builder gel is designed to be used alongside other nail products such as nail polish, glitter, nail art and nail extensions. However, it is important to note that you should not mix different brands of builder gel as this could affect the finish and durability. Instead, only use the builder gel from your chosen brand with the other products to ensure they match. It’s also a good idea to pre-file the nails and apply a base coat before using builder gel, as well as apply cuticle oil and push back the cuticles.

Attaching Gems & Jewels

For a fun twist on nail art, gems and jewels can be attached to Builder Gel to create a statement look. Gluing gems directly onto the nail plate can be a bit difficult, so most techs prefer to first apply a thick layer of Builder Gel and then press in the gem. The gel prevents the adhesive from gel polish supplier sticking to itself or the gem and also provides a solid base for the gem so it won’t easily fall off.

Choosing the right glue for attaching gems is also important. Cyanoacrylate nail polish adhesives provide a quick and easy method, but can discolour or peel off the nail plate over time. Using a dual cure adhesive like Permabond UV670 will offer better durability, as it can be flashed with a curing light for immediate adhesion and then cured anaerobically to the metal for longer-term protection.

Some techs prefer to adhere large stones with resin before adding gel, as this gives the gem a more secure base and helps protect it from chipping. Others stick the gems on the nail plate with a quick-set glue like E6000, which is strong enough to hold most gemstones but has the added benefit of flexibility once dry. Regardless of the type of glue used, most technicians recommend avoiding placing large gems too close to the cuticle as they may snag on clothing or jewelry and make it harder for clients to wear their favorite necklaces or rings with their nails.

Enhancing Shine

Builder gel is formulated with a number of ingredients to give it its color and other characteristics. This can include pigments, UV stabilizers and plasticizers that improve flexibility and reduce brittleness of the finished product. This helps the gel hold its shape and structure over time.

Builders also contain ingredients that help protect the natural nails. These ingredients are often designed to make the nail stronger, healthier and able to resist damage from things like nail biting or using harsh chemicals. This makes builder gel a sound choice for nail-biters or anyone who wants to protect their natural nails as they grow.

In addition to strengthening the nails, builder gel can enhance their shine. This is especially true of a clear or nude builder gel that can be topped with a traditional nail polish or a gel colour for added design and flair. The neutral shades available in the Cally Builder Gel range work well as a base or backdrop for glitter and other trends in gel nail art.

Many modern soft builder gels are formulated in a way that makes them more like nail polish than the thicker hard builders. This means that they can be used to add a little length or thickness to the nails and even cover up imperfections. You can then float a layer of glitter over the top to encapsulate it for a gorgeous, sparkly effect that won’t create any mess or need to be filed off.

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