Multipolar and Tripolar Radio Frequency Handlers


Radio Frequency Handle

Multipolar and Tripolar Radio Frequency Handlers


Multipolar radio frequency is a noninvasive technology for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, stretch marks, cellulite reduction, and to reduce pores. It alternates high and low frequency currents no less than a thousand times a second to heal the deeper layers of skin tissues. It also stimulates collagen production, which improves firmness and complexion.

During multipolar RF treatment, the handpiece emits radio frequency energy through four flat electrodes. The resulting heat causes contraction of existing collagen 1 fibers, and it also triggers regeneration of new collagen and elastin. As a result, it visibly reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin.

The Multipolar RF system Radio Frequency Handle is designed to be comfortable for patients and practitioners alike. Its patented, ergonomically shaped handle has a flat head with widespread layout of 4 electrodes that ensures better contact with the skin and prevents electrical disconnections and uncomfortable (sometimes even harmful) electrical sparks.

The Multipolar RF system uses advanced iontophoresis technology to deliver therapeutic hydrophilic electrolytes to the deeper skin tissues. The Apollo Duet electroporation/iontophoresis handle simultaneously uses both electroporation and iontophoresis to effectively deliver the cosmeceutical Derma Boost into the deeper skin tissues, where it can do much more. It does so by creating micro-channels in the outer skin layers using electroporation and then delivering the cosmeceutical with iontophoresis. This allows for better absorption of the cosmeceutical into the deeper skin tissues and provides more effective results.


The monopolar radio frequency is a non-invasive treatment that causes the formation of heat in the dermal layers. It is effective in stimulating collagen fibers and eliminating flaccidity. It also stimulates cellular regeneration and increases the production of new skin cells. It is an excellent alternative to more invasive anti-aging procedures. It can be used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other collagen-stimulating treatments. However, it is important to ensure that patients are properly screened and that they understand the benefits of the treatment.

A monopolar RF device delivers energy to the tissue using two electrodes, with the grounding pad or inactive pole located behind the body and the active one on the area that is being treated. This allows the current to penetrate all skin layers and dissolve subcutaneous fat. Monopolar RF is considered to be the most effective type of RF technology for skin tightening.

The study compared the effectiveness of the monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency methods on the facial skin of women in selected age groups. It measured the efficacy of these devices by assessing the hydration level (corneometry) and barrier function of the stratum corneum of the face. The results of the studies indicated that both monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency treatments increased hydration levels and improved the condition of the skin, but the difference was greater for the monopolar method.


The bipolar radio frequency handler utilizes two electrodes, a positive and negative, with alternating current flowing back and forth between them. This produces a heating effect on the tissue. Bipolar RF is currently used for rejuvenation of the skin and in various other applications such as tightening the skin, reducing rhytids, reducing stretch marks and warming the adipose tissue that is used in body contouring and cellulite reduction.

In one embodiment the bipolar RF handler provides data in digital form (e.g., measured or calculated voltage, current, power and phase) to the operation engine via a digital interface 66. The operation engine, in turn, uses this data to perform the RF treatment.

In some embodiments, the data provided by the RF smoother to the operations engine is smoothed according to a double or Radio Frequency Handle exponential moving average algorithm. In addition, in some embodiments, the operation engine may be able to check for faults in its process by comparing the actual ADC values against a set of limits configured in the device script.

Despite the fact that there are only two poles in electricity (plus and minus), monopolar RF tends to be deeper than bipolar RF. This is because the RF current will always take the shortest path between the two electrodes in order to travel from one to the other. This is counteracted by cooling, but bipolar RF treatment still remains fairly superficial in most machines.


A tripolar radio frequency handler delivers RF energy in a more efficient and comfortable way than any other device. Its dual-pole configuration allows for energy to be delivered at the skin surface and deeper into the body’s tissues. It also eliminates the need for cooling the skin or the applicator. This reduces treatment time, and patients experience less discomfort during a session.

The monopolar RF technology used in previous devices uses one electrode to deliver a pulse of electrical current and a return pad connected to the leg or back to close the circuit. This allows the RF energy to pass through large areas of the body and penetrates deeper into the tissue, which limits its effectiveness.

Bipolar RF technology has two electrodes on the treatment applicator, with the RF energy passing between them. This confines the area of the skin affected by RF and improves the penetration depth. However, it is still a limited technique for tightening skin.

The new multipolar RF technology used in the TriPollar system enables for more precise control of the RF penetration depth and focuses it on the target area. This is especially important for treating the face, where the RF treatment can lift and tighten the forehead skin, chin (tightens jowls and diminishes sagging skin), neck (diminishes sagging in the jaw line and lower neck fat) and reduces the double chin.

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